Episode 1 – Getting to Know You

Episode One – Getting to Know You

Welcome to Low Player Count, a podcast about boardgames playable with two or fewer. This episode Donny, Shawn, and Travis share the Low Player Count Mission statement, a bit about who we are, and what some of our favorite solitaire and two-player games are.

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2:30 – The Twitter Hype
3:50 – Season Finale of LPC
4:00 – The LPC Mission Statement
10:15 – A Note to Publishers
10:30 – How the Guys got into Tabletop Games
27:37 – Our Ideal Solo Player Games
50:07 – Our Ideal Two-Player Games
71:00 – Sign Off


9 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Getting to Know You

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  2. A very enjoyable show, guys, probably a well-needed one, because many of us out there who mainly play 2-player games or solo versions and not many programmes cover this area of gaming, especially solitary play. And I have also learned that the LOTR card game is an excellent solo adventure, I should really give it a try! Thanks, and I’m looking forward to the future episodes, happy days! 🙂

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  3. Good show, guys! I wanted to thank you because this looks like it fits my needs perfectly, since I have so much in common with you guys, considering your background story and the fact that I am basically a solo player. I feel that the games you guys like, I should give it a try because I will probably like them as well.

    BTW, LOTR: LCG is the game that ignited my Boarding Game fever again lately. That game is very fun and it was while looking for some comments about it that I found this podcast.

    Anyway, thank you guys for the show! I’ll sure check out the rest of episodes already live and keep waiting for more. Cheers!


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