Episode 3 – High Score vs. Objective – FIGHT!

Episode 3 – High Score vs. Objective – FIGHT!

In Episode 3, the Low Player Count crew discusses the nominees for the best Two-Player games in the 2014 Dice Tower Awards, while coming up with a solo BGGCon meet-up. They also tackle a tough question: “How do you like your solo game to end, by reaching an objective or by hitting a high score?” Watch the sparks fly in this episode! Or rather, listen to them… Not watch.

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1:30 – Some Technical Issues
4:05 – Guild Discussions, Two-Player Survey, Periscope
5:21 – The Dice Tower Awards: Best Two-Player Game
9:40 – Donny’s Acquisition Disorder
18:19 – Our Predictions
21:00 – High Score vs. Objective – FIGHT!
24:23 – Shawn Reminisces about Pac-Man
26:40 – #FoASolo Challenge
29:20 – A BGGCon Solo gaming experience?
33:39 – Victory Point Based Endgame
46:20 – Games with an Endgame Objective
55:45 – Bad Advice from Good Friends
58:17 – Games with an Objective and Victory Points
64:33 – Travis Reminisces about his Anger Issues
65:23 – Our Personal Verdicts
68:25 – Donny Drinks Disgusting Coffee
70:23 – End Bits

Theme Music:
Ray Gun – FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0


5 thoughts on “Episode 3 – High Score vs. Objective – FIGHT!

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  2. I’m behind with the podcast (just about to listen to Episode 4), mainly because I can’t figure out how to download it and listen to it from an mp3 player, instead of steaming it, because that would suit me better and that’s how I listen to my podcasts (while commuting and while at work). Is there a way? Please let me know. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Travis! The link did not work for me. I guess I have to stream the episodes then instead of my usual way of listening, but I’ll make sure I listen because I do enjoy the podcasts you put together, thank you!


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