What’s Your Gaming Nightmare? Giveaway!

In Episode 3, we discussed Victory Point vs. Objective-Based Endgame conditions in solo games.
In Episode 4, we are talking about traveling with your games.

So the perfect mix of the two? Onirim 2nd Edition. So let’s give away a copy!

Taken by rpickman on BGG.
Taken by rpickman on BGG.

We will ship worldwide, covering up to $20USD for international shipping.
Each person can enter up to four times, once each according to the sources below.
Ends on May 25.

1. Comment here shortly, telling us your worst gaming nightmare.
2. Email us at lowplayercount(a)gmail(dot)com, telling us your worst gaming nightmare.
3. Tweet us using #OnirimLPC, telling us your worst gaming nightmare.
4. Comment in our guild, telling us your worst gaming nightmare.

And while you’re here, check out an episode or two!


64 thoughts on “What’s Your Gaming Nightmare? Giveaway!

  1. My worst gaming nightmare is to spend way too much on an expensive out of print game only to find out 3 days later that a new deluxe reprint is coming out next quarter!

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  2. My gaming nightmare is the industry adopting the Kickstarter model. Printing only enough copies to satisfy preorder demand, forcing you to either buy an untested game sight unseen or miss out because it won’t go to retail afterward. If you don’t have the money, or don’t learn of it until after the fact, you’re out of luck. If you manage to find a retail copy, it doesn’t have any of the bonus content (which is never reprinted or offered independently for sale), leaving you with a lesser version of the game, ultimately going against the egalitarian spirit of board gaming.

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  3. My gaming nightmare would be for my young son to grow to absolutely hate games, but at the same time be great at them. So if we ever sat down to a game he would always disdainfully crush his old man.

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