Episode 11 – High Player Count for Two

In Episode 11, the Low Player Count crew record a groggy morning episode while discussing games that have gotten under our skin. They also tackle the topic of multiplayer games that are good or bad when scaled down to two players, and why they think that might be.
2:20 – What Game Gets Under Your Skin?
8:25 – Why Do Games Get Under Our Skin?
13:38 – The Best & Worst of High Player Count Games with Two
18:30 – Euro vs. Ameritrash Player Interaction
24:50 – Co-ops
35:15 – Fillers at Best with Two?
37:00 – Donny Flips Out About Love Letter
41:45 – Multiplayer Games that Play Worse at Two
48:21 – Donny is Scared of Randos
62:45 – AngelZilla
64:14 – End Bits
Theme Music:
Ray Gun – FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

One thought on “Episode 11 – High Player Count for Two

  1. OK I’ll bite and take a stab at the 7 wonders discussion. I’m one of the fabled few who like it fine at 2-players, but I will certainly contest that there are definitely better two player games out there. Early on in the hobby, 7 wonders and Power Grid were the only games I owned, and I had a friend who wanted to play a game and hang out. Power Grid I think is way worse at 2 players since auctioning is so emphasized. We played 7 wonders and got really into it. The comment on how the game becomes a lot of hate drafting is absolutely true, but you get to hate draft by playing cards for the 3rd city instead of just yourself so you’re still able to get things done. Additionally, the hand you pass you know you’re going to be getting back in a moment with only one less card, so longer term strategies started to form. We felt like a lot of the game became reading each other and trying to predict what they were going to do with the hand we were about to pass and how to plan around that. I didn’t quite experience science becoming an easy strategy since it was so easy to block by playing it for the neutral city. Now I have a much larger collection, full of games that are better suited for 2 players, but I still would say 7 wonders is fine, and I could easily see it being a lot of people’s best option since a lot of people own 7 wonders. Fully agree on Love Letter at 2 though, never again.

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