Episode 14 – Free Form

In Episode 14, the Low Player Count crew add a guest podcaster and have a free form discussion about games we’ve enjoyed, haven’t enjoyed, and have an all around good time in this live recording. We also discuss the shirt design contest winner and lament Donny not being available to record.


1:45 – Introductions
4:35 – Shirt Design Contest Winner
6:40 – The Meat!
7:00 – Games We’ve Been Playing
10:40 – Dustin Brings Up Bad Memories
24:40 – Games We Have Not Been Enjoying
31:20 – Shawn Does Logic Problems
35:00 – Harry Potter Scene It!
35:45 – Games We Have Enjoyed
42:50 – Travis Paints Minis
47:30 – Grand Prize Giveaway by Dustin
51:00 – Games We’re Excited to Play/Get
59:15 – The Anti-Travis
68:30 – End Bits

Brew Bloods podcast

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Theme Music:

Ray Gun – FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0


2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Free Form

  1. Pity you didn’t like Polis. Seems you didn’t like it because it didn’t contain elements you prefer to have in a game. The interplay of resource management/gaining prestige/balancing the need to retain your city population off board for victory scoring against putting them on the board as military units/undertaking projects has made this one of my favourite games.


  2. Polis is a wonderful game that only reveals itself with repeat play. As the rules become second nature the deep strategy comes into play. With so many new games out there many a gem can be passed over due to a poor initial impression as we move on to the next shiny game. This game will have a permanent place in my limited storage area and will find itself on the table as soon as I put my newest shiny game away (Thunderbirds) this time…


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