If You Buy One Game – Bruno Cathala Edition

If You Buy One Game is a minisode series where the individual Low Player Count crew and friends across the boardgames universe can individually discuss and review a game of their choice, based on theme, topic, or even time of year.

This episode? Our favorite Bruno Cathala games!

0:35 – Bill’s pick: Boomtown
6:05 – Derek’s pick: Raptor
10:37 – Donny’s pick: Abyss
16:55 – Shawn’s pick: Mission Red Planet
22:15 – Brandon’s pick: Mr Jack
26:37 – Travis’ pick: Haru Ichiban
30:32 – Jessica’s pick: Jamaica
36:35 – Patrick’s pick: Cyclades
41:35 – Chris’ pick: The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet

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