Mini Episodes

Minisodes are a way the LPC Crew can give reviews, thoughts, and more about other aspects in the board gaming industry. Released every off week from the main podcast, these 10-15 minute episodes focus on specific themes from the differing interests of the LPC Crew.


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Episode 1: Pixel Tactics & Valley of the Kings
Episode 2: Kahuna
Episode 3: Tiny Epic Galaxies
Episode 4: …And Then We Held Hands
Episode 5: Bottom of the 9th – Mike Mullins Interview
Episode 6: Tides of Time & Madness
Episode 7: Strife: Legacy of the Eternals
Episode 8: Hanabi
Episode 9: One Deck Dungeon

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Episode 1: Elysium
Episode 2: The Witcher Adventure Game
Episode 3: Great Western Trail

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Episode 1: The COIN Series
Episode 2: Roads & Boats
Episode 3: The Gallerist
Episode 4: Fields of Arle
Episode 5: Harold Buchanan Interview, Liberty or Death
pisode 6: Joel Toppen Interview, Navajo Wars
Episode 7: GMT P500 – Fall 2016
Episode 8: Tom Russell & Clay Ross Interview
Episode 9: GMT P500 – Winter 2017
Episode 10: John H Butterfield Interview

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The Holidays 2015
The KOSOMS Two Player Series
The Farming Edition
Space Games
Relaxing Games
Bruno Cathala Edition
2011 Games
Spooky Games!
Games We’re Thankful For…
Best of 2016
Spiel des Jahres – Kennerspiel Winners
Roll and Write Games
Games That Surprised Us

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